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Decision Modelling

Evans & Peck’s decision modelling team provides decision makers with certainty. Our structured and transparent analytical framework and cutting edge modelling tools enable insights to generate innovative solutions.

Supporting complex decisions with advanced analytics

Decision modelling provides a framework for making informed decisions by simulating probable outcomes, using data effectively and stress-testing key decisions.

Evans & Peck’s approach provides decision makers with new ways of exploring alternate scenarios to fully appreciate the key factors affecting outcomes.

We are skilled in a wide range of decision modelling methods and techniques including:

  • Simulation modelling - agent based, discrete event, system dynamics.
  • Optimisation - linear and non-linear, genetic and meta-heuristics programming.
  • Statistical analysis - predictive data analysis, statistical modelling, machine learning.
  • Financial modelling - real options.
  • Executive dashboards

Providing solutions to complex systems across the entire lifecycle

Evans & Peck assists private and public sector clients to make better decisions by giving them access to leading edge decision modelling tools and advising them on structured and transparent approaches for dealing with complex problems.

Our decision modelling team are experts in innovative problem-solving across a diverse range of difficult project and business challenges including:

  • Policy Analysis – we evaluate the benefits of policy changes and identify the most efficient implementation pathways.
  • Capital Planning – analyse the optimal portfolio of projects to implement.
  • Workforce planning - develop flexible and responsive workforce strategies.
  • Design Optimisation - optimise capital expenditure by testing asset performance under different operating regimes.
  • Process Improvement - Avoid unnecessary capital expenditure by increasing productivity and optimise maintenance strategies to minimise operational disruption

Key People

AnyLogic 6

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We support the development of our clients’ in-house modelling capabilities through software sales and training. Please contact if you are interested in purchasing a licence or undertaking training in AnyLogic simulation software.

AnyLogic is innovative simulation tool built on the latest advances in modelling science and information technology made in the last ten years. Compared to traditional tools, AnyLogic provides much higher return on modelling efforts, because it allows to:

  • Create models faster with visual, flexible, extensible and reusable active objects, standard and custom, and Java
  • Model more accurately and capture more phenomena by using multiple modelling approaches, combine them and adjust them for your particular problem
  • Use excellent set of analysis and optimization tools directly from the modelling environment
  • Easily and efficiently integrate AnyLogic open-architecture model with office or corporate software including spreadsheets, databases, ERP, and CRM systems, or embed the model directly into real-time operational environment
  • Increase the model lifecycle by efficiently maintaining the model as the real-world system evolves

Examples of simulation applications built using AnyLogic can be found here.

For information on training contact

Online help and support is also available from

iThink Software

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We support the development of our clients’ in-house modelling capabilities through software sales and training. Please contact if you are interested in purchasing a licence or undertaking training in iThink simulation software.

Ithink / Stella is the premier System Dynamics modelling package.

Key benefits

  • See the big picture
  • Create shared understanding across functional teams
  • Rapid Risk-Free road test of policy options
  • Avoid unintended consequences
  • Logically consistent framework for lots of diverse data

Key Features

  • Ease of use
  • Intuitive icon based graphical interface
  • Animated System Dynamics Stock Flow diagrams
  • Support for discrete events & causal loop diagrams
  • Many built-in functions & array capability
  • Robust Import & Export to Excel
  • Rapid User Interface creation


Our Experience Speaks Volumes

Abbot Point Terminal 3 (T3) Simulation Model

Aurizon engaged Evans & Peck to develop a discrete event simulation model of the proposed Abbot Point T3 coal terminal.

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Aurizon Pit-to-Port Capacity Modelling

Aurizon selected Evans & Peck to develop a rail network capacity model, for its Newlands Line and Stuart Line operations which could then be extended to cover all of Aurizon’s Queensland operations.

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Ausgrid Optimised Project Portfolio Allocation

Evans & Peck helped Ausgrid to develop a universal framework and modelling tool to assist with its project selection and bring consistency to project evaluation processes across asset types and business units.

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Fly-in Fly-out workforce planning

As a tier-1 Australian contractor, sourcing and retaining skilled employees during a resources boom is a critical issue.

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Western Australia Continuity Modelling

Evans & Peck was appointed by the Western Australian Office of Energy to join the Government’s taskforce review of the Varanus Island explosion which crippled the State’s gas market.

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